About Sandra and Austin, Naturally

soup-backgroundChef Sandra BradleyAustin, Naturally, LLC was founded by chef, caterer, and health and fitness enthusiast Sandra Bradley in 2012.  After receiving her Culinary Arts degree in 2006 from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin, Sandra worked at a number of restaurants in Austin and the surrounding area.  In 2010, she shifted her focus to catering and personal chef work for a number of Austin residents.  While Sandra especially enjoys cooking with wild game and seafood, her main passion is helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals through diet and nutrition without sacrifices in their lifestyles. She is well versed in a number of cooking styles tailored to specific dietary needs.

Always an avid runner and outdoor adventurer, Sandra has long appreciated the importance of a healthy diet in athletic performance.  However, when she increased her physical activities to also include strength & conditioning training, Sandra found she had to incorporate some major changes into her own diet in order to reach her goals. It was at this point that she began to truly understand that proper nutrition is the basis not only for physical improvement and success, but also for mental clarity and balance in any lifestyle.

Chef Sandra Bradley at Farmer's MarketRecognizing that certain diets — previously seen as “fad” diets — were not only gaining strongholds among the fitness community, but also becoming more common among all populations, Sandra founded Austin, Naturally to make such lifestyles more attainable by those unable to do so on their own. While Sandra is a strong advocate of the Paleo diet, she believes that nutritional success begins with introducing changes into clients’ diets that are realistic and best-suited for the individual and/or family. That is why she strives to incorporate wholesome, fresh, local, pastured, and organic meats and produce, in exciting combinations, into each client’s cooking experience.

Whether for work or for pleasure, Sandra enjoys traveling and is always eager to be able to experience great food and dining opportunities while away from home. Always looking for the chance to get outdoors with her favorite canine friend, Rosie, Sandra enjoys camping, hiking, running, and spending time upon the rivers of Texas. Regular trips to Colorado, climbing 14ers and fly-fishing, are among her more favorite travels. Sandra is dedicated to fitness, and finds her “escape” in running the streets and trails of Austin and training at Travis County Strength.