spicegrinderGrinding one’s own spices from whole can ensure fresh and bold flavors when cooking.  A coffee grinder makes a great method for quickly grinding spices and ensures a more uniform grind than other methods- such as using a molcajete or a mortar and pestle.  If you use a coffee grinder for spices, it is important to clean the device between the types of spices being ground.  This is especially true if the grinder is used for coffee as well.  Water and soap can be avoided, and this will prolong the life of the grinder.  Instead, an effective means for cleaning the grinder is to use bread.  First, brush as much residue out of the grinder as possible with your fingers or a pastry brush.  Then, add several pieces of old or stale bread and grind them.  The bread will absorb any lingering spice (or coffee) residue.  Discard the bread and you’re ready to start fresh!


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