Kitchen Tip of the Day: Anchored Cutting Board

Anchored Cutting Board


When using a cutting board on most surfaces, the boards can often slip and move around as pressure is applied while cutting.  This is especially true when plastic boards are being used.  In order to prevent the board from slipping or moving while being used, it is necessary to anchor the board to the counter or surface.  Simply lightly moisten a paper towel or dish towel and place under the cutting board, making sure the towel is completely flat.  The towel will stop the board from moving, and doubles as a cleanup helper when done cutting and chopping!

Kitchen Tip of the Day: Window Herbs

Kitchen Window Herbs

HerbswindowOften, the bundles of herbs purchased at the local grocer are quite larger than needed for the recipe one is using them for.  What to do with those gorgeous greens afterward?  Instead of throwing them in the bottom drawer of the fridge, keep them out instead.  Not only do they make great window decorations, but they might inspire your next culinary creation!

Place herbs in water and in a sunny window.  Just be sure to change the water frequently as it will be needed.  I change it almost daily and their shelf-life is greatly extended.